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State Supplemental Program (SSP)

Revised April 3, 2012

What is the State Supplement Program?


How long is the SSP certification period?


How is SSP opened?


How do I screen SSP cash?


How do I process a pending SSP AU?


How is the SSP benefit amount determined?


How are SSP benefits issued?


When is an SSP AU closed?



What is the State Supplement Program?


·         The State Supplemental Program (SSP) is a state funded cash assistance program for certain clients who the Social Security Administration determines are eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI). See EAZ Manual – WAC 388-474-0012 What is a state supplemental payment and who can get it?


How long is the SSP certification period?


·         SSP has no review end date and is certified for as long as the client is SSP eligible.


How is SSP opened?


·         When ACES identifies a new SSP client, ACES automatically opens both SSI Medicaid (S01) and SSP cash simultaneously during the nightly batch process.


·         If no SSI Medicaid AU is open and ACES is unable to auto-open one, then an alert will be sent to the user to take a manual action.



If the SDX Auto Maintenance (SAM) is unable to open an SSI Medicaid and SSP AU (e.g. marital status in question or discrepancy), the following alerts generate:  





Resolve problem and manually open SSI Medicaid first then the SSP AU.

How do I screen SSP cash?


·         To screen a SSP cash AU, take the following steps:


1.    From the Welcome back page in, click the Screen New Application link at the top of the page. The Applicant page displays in a new window.


2.    On the Applicant page:


o    Enter the applicant’s name in the Applicant Name field.


o    Enter the applicant’s address under the Residential Address.


o    If the applicant has a mailing address, uncheck the box next to Mailing Address same as above and enter the applicant’s mailing address.


3.    Continue with the screening process until you reach the Programs page. See Screening a Client for additional information.


4.    On the Programs page:


o    Click the box next to Cash.


o    Click the box next to SSI Eligible.


o    Click the Next button.


5.    On the Finalize page:


o    Click the box next to SSI State Supplement Program (SP).


o    Enter the Application Date.


¨        The application date is always the 1st day of the month of the SDX processing date on the SDX.


If screening in multiple programs, screen in the SSP program separately if the application dates are different.

o    Click Commit.


How do I process a pending SSP AU?


·         To process a pending SSP AU, take the following steps:


1.    From the AMEN, select Option O – Interview. 


2.    On the STAT screen, complete the Finl Resp fields as follows:


o    [PN] – Applicant for the person applying.


An SSP AU can have only one [PN] – Applicant coded under the Finl Resp field.

3.    On the DEM1 screen, in the Liv Arng field, enter the [appropriate valid value based on the client’s situation].  See <F1> Help.


4.    Complete the interview following instructions in the Interview chapter.


5.     After committing the interview data, follow instructions in the Process Application Month chapter for all pending months.


6.     When all pending months have been processed, follow instructions in the Finalize Application chapter to complete the SSP application process.


How is the SSP benefit amount determined?


·         The amount of the payment is set by parameters so there is no computation or proration.


·         The SSP benefit amount displays on the CAFI screen in the Benefit Amt field.


·         See EAZ Manual – WAC 388-478-0055 How much do I get from my state supplemental payments (SSP)?


How are SSP benefits issued?


·            SSP benefits are issued by one of the following methods:


o    Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) or


o    Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) / Direct Deposit


o    Warrant if the SSP AU has a valid authorized representative (AREP)


·            If the SDX Interface shows no existing EFT registration, ACES automatically sets the issuance method to EBT


·            If the EFTR screen can be prefilled from the SDX, ACES will begin the pre-note process for that account but will not deposit funds to that account until the EFT unit has indicated they have received permission from the client to do so. An ACES EFT / Direct Deposit Enrollment Form 14-432 is sent to the client asking for their permission to use the client’s EFT account. Clients receive EBT until the EFT consent is processed.


·            There is a "Client Authorization Pending" indicator that must be updated by the EFT unit (indicating that the client authorization was received.) Once this has been updated, then ACES will begin sending the EFT funds to the account.


·            If a client is eligible for one day in a month they are eligible for the whole month.



When is an SSP AU closed?


·         The SSP AU will auto close when:


o    The SDX record indicates that a client is no longer eligible for SSI and SSP benefits.


o    The SDX record indicates that a client has died, moved out of state, or has been incarcerated.


·         The SSP AU can be manually closed. If the client reports that the ineligible spouse is no longer in the household, the client is no longer blind, or the client does not meet eligibility for the SSP program, notify SSA and manually close the SSP AU with Reason Code 599 – Other - For User Generation Only.  


o    Manually create LTR 006-01 (Termination of AU) and add freeform text.


Modification Date: April 3, 2012