Chemical Dependency Treatment - Detoxification Services
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Chemical Dependency Treatment - Detoxification Services

Revised December 15, 2011

Purpose: This chapter describes the Alcoholism and Drug Detoxification Program and identifies the counties where it operates through CSOs.

WAC 182-508-0305Detoxification--Covered services (Emergency rule effective 11/1/11.)

WAC 182-508-0305
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  1. This section does not apply to CSOs in counties that have a direct detox contract with the Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery (DBHR). The CSOs in the following counties do not have detox contracts with DBHR and are involved in providing access to detox services.
Columbia Cowlitz Ferry
Garfield Klickitat Lincoln
Okanogan Pend Oreille Skamania
Stevens Wahkiakum Whitman
  1. Hospitals assist clients complete the DSHS 14-001(X) and route the form to the appropriate CSO for determination of eligibility.

  2. The rules and procedures in VERIFICATION do not apply to the Detoxification (DETOX) Program.

  3. If the person is already eligible under another medical program, the medical coverage will cover the detoxification services and no further action is required to establish eligibility. If the person is not on a medical program eligibility for medical must be established.


DETOX Categorical Eligibility
  1. If the client is not open in ACES, determine eligibility for DETOX based on the information shown on the DSHS 14-001(X).

  2. To be eligible for DETOX:

    1. The client's combined income and resources can be no more than the Medical Care Services (MCS) payment standard in WAC 182-508-0230.

    2. The client's age, citizenship or residence in the state are not relevant factors.

  3. Accept the client's statement as verification of all factors.

DETOX Authorization

  1. When a person who is receiving neither a grant nor medical assistance applies for DETOX, determine eligibility for CN and MN before considering the person for DETOX program.

  2. Authorize DETOX for the period from the date treatment began to the end of the month in which the 3- or 5-day treatment was completed.


Treatment 11-4 through 11-6: authorization 11-4 through 11-30.
Treatment 11-30 through 12-2: authorization 11-30 through 12-31


See Alcoholism and Drug Detoxification Program (DETOX)
Modification Date: December 15, 2011