Chemical Dependency Treatment - ADATSA Program Information
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Chemical Dependency Treatment - ADATSA Program Information

Revised August 20, 2014

Purpose: Please Note: As a result of the national Health Care Act, the ADATSA program no longer exists. However, publically funded chemical dependency treatment is available and you can apply at

WAC 182-508-0310
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WAC 182-508-0315
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  1. ADATSA is a program of public assistance.

  2. To be eligible for ADATSA, a person:

    1. Meets financial eligibility criteria for the ADATSA program of assistance, and

    2. Meets the clinical incapacity and categorical eligibility criteria for the ADATSA program, and

    3. Is not eligible for TANF, SSI, ABD Cash with Categorically Needy Medical Assistance, Medically Needy Medical Assistance, or

    4. Is eligible for Medical Care Services (MCS) but chooses to receive the ADATSA Program in lieu of MCS.

  3. ADATSA clients receive residential and outpatient treatment services, medical assistance, and depending upon available funding, may receive living stipends through their receipt of the ADATSA program of public assistance.


Do not presume MCS ineligibility because a person has chemical dependency issues. If a person has other physical/mental impairments that could make him/her eligible for MCS based on incapacity, the FSS refers the person to an incapacity specialist to explore eligibility for MCS. Coordinate with the chemical dependency treatment agency and social worker to determine the best program and course of treatment for some individuals.

Modification Date: August 20, 2014