Chemical Dependency Treatment - Opiate Substitution (Methadone Maintenance)
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Chemical Dependency Treatment - Opiate Substitution (Methadone Maintenance)

Revised December 7, 2011

Purpose: This section describes eligibility for the ADATSA program for clients in the opiate dependency treatment program.

1.    ADATSA eligible clients who wish to detoxify from opiate dependency will be offered drug treatment by the assessment center.

2.    Chemical dependency opiate substitution services consist of dosage and outpatient treatment services.

3.    County contracted opiate substitution treatment facilities provide these services.

4.    Clients who are eligible for medicaid under Title XIX or CHIP under Title XVI are eligible for treatment services.

5.    Opiate substitution treatment services are not a covered medical service under the medical care services (MCS) program for ADATSA clients, MCS only clients and ABD cash assistance clients who are not eligible for a federal medicaid program (cash payment with MCS medical).  These clients receive treatment services funding through the county's funding for all low-income clients.

6.    Providers of opiate substitution treatment services have capacity limitations, which often result in separate waiting lists for these two different client categories.

7.    Providers can use the ProviderOne system benefit inquiry to differentiate between federal medicaid and MCS medical clients.

Modification Date: December 7, 2011