Chemical Dependency Treatment - ADATSA and SSI
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Chemical Dependency Treatment - ADATSA and SSI

Revised December 15, 2011

Purpose: This section describes the ADATSA services available to SSI beneficiaries, SSI-related medical cases, and SSI ineligible spouses.


  1. The Social Security Administration (SSA) suspends the benefits for SSI beneficiaries who are placed in a "public institution" for more than 30 days.  SSA terminates benefits when a beneficiary is in an institution for more than 12 months.

  2. DBHR contracted residential facilities are not considered “public institutions.”


When an SSI beneficiary has been placed in a DBHR contracted chemical dependency residential treatment facility, determine eligibility for Food Assistance per Section F of this chapter.  The client's SSI income is considered in determining eligibility for Food Assistance.

SSI Related Medical Cases
  1. Open relatable program code in ACES for persons who are categorically related to SSI but are ineligible for SSI.

  2. See WAC 182-508-0320 and clarifying information on determining eligibility for an SSI related client with income over the ABD Cash, Medical Care Services or SSI standard but below the rates of the residential facility in which they are placed.

SSI Ineligible Spouse

  1. An SSI Ineligible Spouse does not need to complete an application form (DSHS 14-001(X)) or have an application interview.

  2. Refer the SSI ineligible spouse to the Assessment Center under the W program. The CSO needs to make sure the Assessment Center knows this is an inpatient services-only case.

  3. DBHR pays the inpatient treatment costs.

Modification Date: December 15, 2011