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Updated: December 10, 2014

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Administrative Disqualification Hearings for Food Assistance01-05-2012
Administrative Hearings01-04-2012
Administrative Hearings - Administrative Hearing Coordinator's Role05-24-2012
Administrative Hearings - Appeals or Hearing Requests 12-29-2011
Administrative Hearings - Continued Benefits04-03-2012
Administrative Hearings - Equitable Estoppel 01-04-2012
Administrative Hearings - Overview12-29-2011
Administrative Hearings - Pre-Hearing Conference12-29-2011
Administrative Hearings - Preparation12-29-2011
Administrative Hearings - Presenting the Case12-29-2011
Administrative Hearings - Special Procedures on Non-Grant Medical Assistance and Health Care Authority hearings02-07-2013
Administrative Hearings - The Decision10-01-2013
Age Requirements04-29-2013
Applications for Assistance 09-26-2013
Applications for Assistance - Completing the Process01-06-2014
Applications for Assistance - Expedited Service for Basic Food02-10-2014
Applications for Assistance - Filing an Application12-31-2013
Applications for Assistance - Information Needed to Determine Eligibility11-01-2013
Applications for Assistance - Special Situations12-31-2013
Applications for Assistance - Time Limits for Processing11-04-2011
Assistance Units09-24-2013
Assistance Units - Basic FoodNEW 10-24-2014
Assistance Units - Cash Assistance Programs09-26-2013
Assistance Units - Medical Programs12-31-2013
Authorized Representative - Food Assistance12-31-2013
Authorized Representative - Food, Cash and Medical Benefit Issuances04-29-2013
Automated Client Eligibility System (ACES) 06-26-2014
Basic Food Employment and Training (BFET) ProgramNEW 10-23-2014
Benefit Errors05-28-2013
Benefit Errors - Alien and Alien Sponsor Overpayments06-03-2011
Benefit Errors - Basic Food OverpaymentsNEW 12-05-2014
Benefit Errors - Cash and Food Assistance Underpayments07-27-2012
Benefit Errors - Cash and Medical Assistance Overpayment Descriptions12-31-2013
Benefit Errors - Recovery Through Mandatory Grant Reductions03-25-2011
Benefit Errors - Repayments for Overpayments Prior to April 3, 198203-25-2011
Benefit Issuances - Basic Food03-25-2011
Benefit Issuances - Cash Assistance03-25-2011
Benefit Issuances - Endorsing the Warrant03-25-2011
Benefit Issuances - Loss, Theft, Destruction or Non-Receipt of a Warrant to Clients or Vendors03-25-2011
Benefit Issuances - Medical Services Card03-25-2011
Benefit Issuances - Replacement09-13-2013
Benefit Issuances - Returning a Warrant03-25-2011
Benefit Issuances - When and How Benefits are Delivered12-06-2013
Benefit Issuances E - Use of Benefits08-04-2014
Benefit Issuances and Use of Benefits07-26-2011
Case Records03-15-2012
Categorical Eligibility for Basic Food03-21-2014
Certification Periods09-26-2013
Certification Periods - Basic Food09-26-2013
Certification Periods - Medical Programs 09-26-2013
Change of Circumstances10-09-2014
Change of Circumstances - Effect on Medical 04-18-2013
Change of Circumstances - Effective Date09-26-2013
Change of Circumstances - TOC09-26-2013
Chemical Dependency Treatment12-13-2011
Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting03-25-2011
Child Support05-06-2014
Citizenship and Alien Status07-03-2012
Civil Rights and Complaints03-25-2011
Confidentiality - Address Confidentiality Program (ACP) for Domestic Violence Victims03-25-2011
Confidentiality - Information03-25-2011
Data Sharing03-25-2011
Diversion Cash Assistance09-26-2013
EQUAL ACCESS (Formerly known as Necessary Supplemental Accommodation)04-19-2011
Eligibility Review Requirements for Cash Assistance and Medical Programs03-25-2011
Eligibility Reviews/ Food Assistance Recertifications - Process for Basic Food 09-29-2014
Eligibility Reviews/ Food Assistance Recertifications - Requirements for Cash Assistance and Medical Programs 12-31-2013
Emergency Assistance Programs06-20-2012
Emergency Assistance Programs - Additional Requirements for Emergent Needs (AREN) 05-09-2014
Emergency Assistance Programs - Consolidated Emergency Assistance Program (CEAP) 12-31-2013
Emergency Assistance Programs - Disaster Cash Assistance Program11-01-2011
Emergency Assistance Programs - Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (D-SNAP) 12-13-2011
Estate Recovery12-31-2013
Exception to Rule01-10-2014
Fleeing Felons06-26-2014
Food Assistance - Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)05-08-2014
Food Assistance Program (FAP) for Legal Immigrants 06-29-2012
Food Assistance Work Requirements05-08-2014
Foster Care/Relative Placement/Adoption Support/Juvenile Rehabilitation/Unaccompanied Minor Program12-31-2013
Incapacity and Disability12-31-2013
IncomeNEW 11-06-2014
Income - Allocation and Deeming 05-06-2014
Income - Best Estimate Guide03-25-2011
Income - Budgeting12-31-2013
Income - Effect of the Puyallup Settlement on Your Eligibility for Public Assistance03-25-2011
Income - Indian Agencies Serving Tribes With a Near-Reservation Designation03-25-2011
Income - Indian Agencies Serving Tribes Without a Near-Reservation Designation 03-25-2011
Income - Ownership and Availability 09-26-2014
Income - Self Employment Income04-03-2014
Income - TOC06-15-2012
Income - TreatmentNEW 11-18-2014
Income - Treatment of Income ChartNEW 11-19-2014
Income - Utility Chart02-13-2014
Income Special TypesNEW 11-06-2014
Interview Requirements01-09-2014
Limited English Proficiency (LEP)08-10-2011
Living with a Relative or Guardian 06-19-2014
Long Term Care09-09-2014
Lump Sum cash assistance and- TANF/SFA-related medical assistance09-26-2013
Managed Health Care 04-29-2013
Medical - Trusts, Annuities and Life Estates 03-25-2011
Medical Assistance10-01-2013
Medical Extensions 04-28-2014
Medical Re-Determination12-31-2013
Medical Standards04-29-2013
Medicare Programs03-25-2011
Mid Certification Reviews02-11-2014
Necessary Supplemental Accommodation Services 02-10-2012
Non-Grant Medical Assistance04-29-2013
Ongoing Additional Requirements (OAR)04-30-2014
Payees on Benefit Issuances - Authorized Representatives 08-06-2012
Payees on Benefit Issuances - Overview11-16-2011
Payees on Benefit Issuances - Protective Payees 03-15-2012
Pregnancy and Women's Health04-29-2013
Pregnancy and Women's Health - Criteria for Cash Assistance06-15-2012
Prescription Drug Assistance Programs01-03-2014
Program Summary04-29-2013
Program Summary - ABD Cash01-28-2014
Program Summary - Food Assistance Program06-29-2012
Program Summary - Medical Care Services04-29-2013
Program Summary - Pregnant Women Assistance04-29-2013
Program Summary - Refugee Cash Assistance (RCA)03-25-2011
Program Summary - TANF10-01-2013
Program Summary - Washington Basic Food Program 06-20-2014
Program Summary -SFA03-25-2011
Quality Assurance04-29-2013
Refugee Assistance Program04-18-2013
Refugee Assistance Program - Appendix I - VOLAGs in Washington State 03-25-2011
Refugee Assistance Program - Cash Assistance 12-31-2013
Refugee Assistance Program - Employment and Training Requirements12-31-2013
Refugee Assistance Program - Immigration Status Requirements 03-15-2012
Refugee Assistance Program - Income and Resources Requirements 03-25-2011
Refugee Assistance Program - Medical Assistance 04-29-2013
Residency Requirements10-09-2014
Resources - Cash and Family Medical10-01-2013
Resources - Excluded by Federal Law 03-25-2011
Resources - How Resources Affect Eligibility11-29-2011
Resources - How Vehicles Count Toward the Resource Limit for Cash 10-01-2013
Resources - Resources of an Alien's Sponsor03-25-2011
Rights and Responsibilities12-31-2013
Site Map04-04-2012
Social Security Number (SSN)06-23-2014
Standards 05-31-2012
Standards - Basic Food11-29-2011
Standards - Cash Assistance01-07-2014
State Median Income Chart12-12-2013
Student Status09-17-2014
Supplemental Security Income (SSI & State Supplemental Payment (SSP)03-25-2011
TANF / SFA Time Limits04-19-2011
TANF / SFA Time Limits - Indian Country Disregard06-17-2013
TANF / SFA Time Limits - Overview09-01-2011
Take Charge - Family Planning Program12-31-2013
Teen Parents06-16-2014
Temporary Absence From The Home03-25-2011
Temporary Absence To Attend School Or Training03-25-2011
Transfer of Property for Cash and Basic Food12-28-2011
Transitional Food Assistance (TFA)07-03-2014
VerificationNEW 10-17-2014
Verification Chart - Acceptable Forms07-21-2014
Verification Chart - Cash and Basic Food07-21-2014
Verification Chart - Medical04-29-2013
Veteran's Referrals11-29-2011
Voter Registration06-17-2013
Washington Telephone Assistance Program03-25-2011
WorkFirst Sanctions - ParticipationNEW 11-12-2014
Modification Date: December 10, 2014