Benefit Issuances - Medical Services Card
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Benefit Issuances - Medical Services Card

Revised March 25, 2011

What is the medical Services Card?

The medical Services Card (or Services Card) is a permanent, plastic identification card issued to each person who receives medical assistance. The Services Card replaces the monthly medical identification cards (MAIDs) that used to be mailed to clients. Since it is a permanent identification card, the Services Card can be used during different periods of eligibility over the course of time.

Having a Services Card does not mean the client is currently eligible to receive medical benefits. Medical providers need to confirm current eligibility at the time service is provided. 

What information displays on the Services Card?

The Services Card displays the client's full name, date issued, and the ProviderOne Client ID. Because the card is a lifetime, permanent identification card, it doesn't display any programs the client is eligible for, coverage dates, or managed care plans, because those may change.  Providers must look up current eligibility when services are provided.

How is the Services Card issued?

The Services Card is issued centrally by Health and Recovery Services Administration (HRSA).

Can I issue the Services Card to a client locally?

No, Services Cards are mailed to clients from a central location. If the client does not already have a Services Card, one is mailed to the client once they are determined eligible for medical assistance.

How long does it take for clients to receive their Services Card?

Clients can expect to receive their Services Card 7-10 days after they are approved for medical assistance.

Can the client receive medical services the same day I approve eligibility?

Clients can receive needed medical services the same day their medical application is approved. By following the steps in the Initial Issuance chapter, the client’s eligibility information is sent to HRSA’s ProviderOne system in real time. Clients may then give their full name, SSN, and/or date of birth to their medical provider. With this information, the provider can confirm medical eligibility status through the ProviderOne system. 

Are clients required to have a Services Card in order to receive medical services?

No, providers have options for verifying the client's eligibility using information such as the client's ProviderOne Client ID, full name, date of birth, and/or Social Security Number.

Do clients receive new Services Cards each month?

No, Services Cards are only issued once to a client.

Who do clients call if they need to replace their Services Card?

Clients may request a replacement Services Card by calling the ProviderOne Help Desk at 1-800-562-3022 or 1-800-848-5429 (TTY/TDD).


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Modification Date: March 25, 2011