Benefit Issuances and Use of Benefits
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Benefit Issuances and Use of Benefits

Revised July 26, 2011

Purpose: This section describes how the department issues benefits, requirements to endorse warrants, how and when the department provides benefits, the allowable use of cash and food assistance benefits, and the replacement of benefits and Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards.

A.   Cash Assistance Benefits

WAC 388-412-0005

General Information about your cash benefits

B.   Endorsing the Warrant

WAC 388-412-0010

Endorsing the warrant.

C.   Basic Food Benefits

WAC 388-412-0015

General information about your Basic Food allotments.

D.   When and How Benefits Are Delivered

WAC 388-412-0020

WAC 388-412-0025 

When do I get my benefits?

How do I get my benefits?

E.   Use of Benefits

WAC 388-412-0046

What is the purpose of DSHS cash and food assistance benefits and how can I use my benefits?

F.   Returning a Warrant

WAC 388-412-0030

Returning a warrant.

G.  Loss, Theft, Destruction or Non-receipt of a Warrant to Clients or Vendors

WAC 388-412-0035

Loss, theft, destruction or nonreceipt of a warrant issued to clients and vendors.

H.   Replacing Benefits

WAC 388-412-0040

Can I get my benefits replaced?

I.   Medical Identification

Modification Date: July 26, 2011