Chemical Dependency Treatment
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Chemical Dependency Treatment

Revised December 13, 2011

Table of Contents and WAC List

Purpose: To describe the services available through the Detoxification and the ADATSA programs which are meant to assist clients who are chemically dependent or abusing alcohol or drugs. This section also describes the process for access to chemical dependency treatment for people who are on other public assistance programs and for those who are not eligible for any public assistance program.

A. General Information - Chemical Dependency 2/16/05
B. Detoxification services 11/01/11
C. ADATSA - Program Information 11/1/06
D. ADATSA - Eligibility Information 11/1/06
E. ADATSA - Cash and Medical Benefits 2/16/05
F. ADATSA - Food Assistance 2/16/05
G. Exception to Rule and Fair Hearings 2/16/05
H. Opiate Substitution Treatment 2/16/05
I. Pioneer Centers North & East Treatment 2/16/05
J. Veteran's Administration (VA) Treatment 2/16/05
K. ADATSA and SSI 2/16/05
L. Access to Treatment Services for TANF, SSI, MCS, ABD Cash Assistance and Medicaid Clients 11/01/11
M. Access to Treatment for People not Eligible for ADATSA, TANF, SSI, MCS,ABD Cash Assistance and Medicaid 11/01/11
N. Appendix to Chemical Dependency 11/01/11
Modification Date: December 13, 2011