Citizenship and Alien Status - National Immigration Law Center (NILC) Guide
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Citizenship and Alien Status - National Immigration Law Center (NILC) Guide

Revised March 21, 2012



National Immigration Law Center (NILC) Guide

The National Immigration Law Center (NILC) publishes the"Guide to Immigrant Eligibility for Federal Programs, Fourth Edition". This appendix gives you access to sections of the NILC Guide, which contain descriptions and pictures of key citizenship and immigration documents, and information on how to decipher the coding on these documents.

While this information was current as of the 2002 NILC Guide publication date, it is not a complete list of immigrant statuses and documents. If you encounter a client with a status or document that is not on these lists, or a client claims legal status but has no supporting documentation, please contact either Dody McAlpine (regarding medical eligibility) or Tom Berry (regarding cash or food assistance):

Dody McAlpine can be reached at 360-725-9964 or Tom Berry can be reached at 360-725-4617 or

Other types of immigrant eligibility questions should be submitted to the Policy Clarification Database through your Regional Financial Coordinator.

Modification Date: March 21, 2012