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Long Term Care

Revised September 12, 2014

AREP screens for Long Term Care Cases

Purpose: For LTC services , an ACES award letter is required in order for the provider to bill correctly and receive the correct amount of participation from the client. Each change in service, participation or living arrangement requires a new award letter. AREP screens are also completed when the client has an authorized representative such as a guardian, power of attorney, attorney, protective payees, case managers or other representatives handling the client affairs. In addition to the client representative and advocates, some institutions or case managers need to be indicated on the AREP screen for correct payment and billing through SSPS, or Provider One. State Institutions that bill through Financial Service Administration (FSA) are also indicated on the AREP screen.

Who can be an Authorized Representative

"Authorized representative" means a family member, friend, organization or someone acting responsibly on behalf of a person who is designated by the person to act on his or her behalf in all matters relating to an application or renewal of Washington apple health or other ongoing communications with agency or its designee. The authorization must be made in writing and signed by the person unless the person's medical condition prevents such written authorization. Authority to act on behalf of an applicant or beneficiary under state law can substitute for the person's authorization. The power to act as an authorized representative ends when the person or a court-appointed guardian of the person informs the agency or its designee that the representative is no longer authorized to act on his or her behalf, or when the agency learns of a change in the legal authority upon which the authorization is based. WAC 182-500-0010

Institutions and services that do not need to be indicated on the AREP screen

The following facilities do not need to be listed on the AREP screen as notices are generated based on the provider number indicated on the INST screen in ACES.  Do not indicate these facilities on the AREP screen in ACES:

  1. Nursing Facilities
  2. Hospice Care Centers (link includes Hospice Agencies and Care Centers)
  3. Hospice  Agencies when client is residing in a nursing home.
  4. DDA ICF-MR:
    1. Barclay Group Home
    2. Bedford Group Home
    3. Brookhaven Group Home
    4. Camelot Group Home
    5. Carlton Group Home
    6. Lincoln Park Group Home
  5. HCS Waiver or MPC services case managed by HCS social worker, AAA or Developmental Disabilities Administration case manager do not need to be listed on the AREP screen.  These notices are generated to the HCS SW, AAA or DDA CM electronically via the barcode system.  The HCS SW, DDA and AAA CM receives the notice via their ECR To Do list.  The SW or CM makes necessary changes to SSPS based on the notice received   The DSHS 14-443 indicates who is case managing the case. 

Institutions or Services that DO need to be indicated on the AREP screen

In addition to the client representative and advocates, some facilities or case managers need to be indicated on the AREP screen for correct payment and billing. 

  1. Hospice outside of a nursing facility or Hospice Care Center when a client is receiving Hospice outside of a medical institution and not on a DDA or HCS Waiver.  Link has additional information about Hospice  including the Hospice Care Center addresses. 
  2. Washington Medicaid Integrated Partnership (WMIP)  -Snohomish County.  Link has additional instructions regarding the AREP screen.
  3. New Freedom-King Co. Link has additional instructions regarding the AREP screen.  Scroll down to New Freedom instructions.
  4. Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly  (PACE) - King Co.  On the AREP screen indicate:  Providence ElderPlace Attn:  PEP Biller PO Box 389672 Seattle WA  98138-9672
  5. The following services in state owned institutions must indicate DSHS Financial Services Administration Office of Financial Recovery PO Box 9768 Olympia WA  98507 on the AREP screen for correct billing:  (FSA link )
    1. Fircrest School Shoreline, Washington (DDA Residential Habilitation Centers- RHC)
    2. Frances Haddon Morgan Center, Bremerton, Washington (DDA RHC)
    3. Lakeland Village Medical Lake, Washington (DDA RHC)
    4. Rainier School  Buckley, Washington (DDA RHC)
    5. Yakima Valley School Selah, Washington (DDA RHC)
    6. Eastern State Hospital, (Institution for the Mental Disease-IMD)
    7. Western State Hospital, (IMD)
    8. Child Study and Treatment Center

It is important to update or remove the information on the AREP screen if the client changes services.  (Example DDA client at RHC discharges home to a DDA Waiver).

Remove this information from the AREP screen once a client no longer is receiving long-term care or MPC services from the department. 

Modification Date: September 12, 2014