Long-term care eligibility (institutional medical) Includes Washington Apple Health (WAH) WACs
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Long-term care eligibility (institutional medical) Includes Washington Apple Health (WAH) WACs

Revised March 21, 2014

Eligibility requirements -Specific to Long term care

Application processes for long-term care eligibility

Eligibility Requirements for long-term care (Institutional roadmap WAC)

Eligibility Reviews

Eligibility for MAGI based long-term care (K track, formally known as institutional children/families)

Exception to rule (ETR) process for HCS cases where we are unable to verify citizenship and ID.

Healthy Options and Long-term care

Home and Community Based Waivers and Hospice (L21, L22)

How does living in an institution affect my eligibility for Basic Food?

Institutional Status  (In ACES K track (children and families) and L track Aged/Blind/Disabled )

Long-term care services in a nursing home (L04) or community setting (L24) for non-citizens  

Long-term care insurance and third party resources

Medically Needy  (Specific rules are used for Medical Needy in a Medical Institution for gross income over the Medicaid SIL ) (L95, L99)

Medicare and long-term care

NSA and HCS Services


Short Stays in Medical Institutions (Temporary Admissions)

State funded HCS services (G01 in residential settings) and other state funded services

Working clients and long-term care

1619B and SSI deemed eligible (after DAC, Pickle/COLA, Widower Exclusion)

Washington Apple Health (WAH) eligibility WACs Title 182 Health Care Authority (HCA)

WAH includes Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) programs AND institutional and SSI related medicaid, also known as "Classic Medicaid.    


Modification Date: March 21, 2014