State Funded ALTSA services
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State Funded ALTSA services

Revised March 4, 2014

State funded residential (G01)

ALTSA has a small state funded residential program that does not require CN eligibility.  It is under the MCS medical program and state-funded payments to the provider.  The functional requirements are the same as MPC.  The ACES program used is G01.  This program is described in WAC 388-106-0905.  This program is used for legally admitted citizens in their five year bar or individuals who are Primary residents under color of law (PROCULS). 

As of 1/1/2014, all individuals that are eligible for federal medicaid because of meeting citizenship requirements have been moved to the Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) expanded adult group. (N05).  These cases are maintained by the Health Benefit Exchange (HBE).

Social Service Long term care manual:

Aged/Blind/Disabled cash and HEN/MCS program EAZ manual: 

ALTSA/HCS HEN referral exception to rule (ETR)

The eligibility for the  state funded Medical Care Services (MCS) medical program is tied to the ABD cash and HEN program.  The rule states that individuals must apply for ABD cash first which has a disability and duration of 9 months as part of the eligibility.  Individuals eligible to receive nursing facility or residential services from ALTSA meet the disability requirement, however HCS and AAA social workers and case managers cannot determination duration. 

State-funded Long Term Care Program for Non Citizens

TheState-funded LTC program  for non citizens is a program for those that are   not eligible under ABD cash or stated funded Medical Care Services (MCS).  This program is limited to 45 slots and requires a pre-approved by ALTSA HQ.   The state-funded LTC program can be used in a nursing facility, residential or home setting.

Karyn LaBonte 360-725-2450 ALTSA is the contact for pre-approval of this program. 

ACES instructions for ABD cash and MCS

ABD cash

MCS Medical

Modification Date: March 4, 2014