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Managed Health Care

Revised April 29, 2013

Managed Health Care Options

The following is a list of links to the Managed Care WACs. 

182-538-050   Definitions.
182-538-060   Managed care and choice.
182-538-061   Managed care provided through the Washington Medicaid Integration Partnership (WMIP).
182-538-063   GAU clients residing in a designated mandatory managed care plan county.
182-538-065   Medicaid eligible basic health plan enrollees.
182-538-067   Managed care provided through managed care organizations (MCOs)
182-538-068   Managed care provided through primary care case management (PCCM).
182-538-070   Managed care payment.
182-538-095   Scope of care for managed care enrollees.
182-538-100   Managed care emergency services.
182-538-110   The grievance system for managed care organizations (MCO).
182-538-111   Primary care case management (PCCM) grievances and appeals.
182-538-112   The department of social and health services' (DSHS) hearing process for enrollee appeals of managed care organization (MCO) actions.
182-538-120   Enrollee request for a second medical opinion.
182-538-130   Exemptions and enrollment in managed care.
182-538-140   Quality of care.

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Modification Date: April 29, 2013