Medical Assistance Programs - Hospice
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Medical Assistance Programs - Hospice

Revised April 3, 2012

Purpose: To provide an overview of the Hospice program and explain how to correctly determine eligibility for Hospice.

Hospice Clarifying Information

Overview and general eligibility

Who should I contact HCS or the CSO? 

When to use Hospice as a service?  (Already eligible for a non institutional medical program)

When to use Hospice as a program? (Using the L21/L22 Hospice Medical Coverage group (institutional rules) for eligibility).

What is a Hospice election notice?  How will my DSHS agency know I have elected Hospice?



Hospice Applications when a client is already eligible for CNP (non institutional CNP)

Hospice Applications using institutional rules (L21/L22 Hospice medical coverage group).  This section includes detailed ACES instructions. 

Change of Circumstances

Hospice and ADSA Waivers

Hospice Special Circumstances

Hospice Agency Contacts

Hospice Agencies FAX Medicaid Hospice notification form  to the HRSA DMS HUB at:


Hospice Agency Contacts - Address, phone numbers and provider numbers.  This link lists the Hospice Care Centers.  Hospice Care Centers are considered medical institutions

Modification Date: April 3, 2012