TANF / SFA Time Limits
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TANF / SFA Time Limits

Revised April 19, 2011

Purpose: State and federal law limit the time an adult can receive TANF. SFA, and GA-S benefits to a total of sixty months in a lifetime. This section includes the rules to determine what types of assistance count toward the 60-month limit, who the limits apply to, and when months of assistance don't count toward the limit.

This category contains the following sections and

A. Time Limits
WAC 388-484-0005 There is a five year (sixty-month) time limit for TANF, SFA and GA-S cash assistance
C. Indian Country Disregard From the Time Limit
WAC 388-484-0010 How does the five year (sixty-month) time limit for TANF, SFA and GA-S apply to American Indians or Alaskan Natives living in Indian country?
Modification Date: April 19, 2011