Managed Care - Washington Medicaid Integrated Partnership Pilot (Snohomish)
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Managed Care - Washington Medicaid Integrated Partnership Pilot (Snohomish)

Revised March 25, 2011

Purpose: Effective January 1, 2005, clients who receive SSI or SSI-related Medicaid in Snohomish County may enroll in Washington Medicaid Integrated Partnership (WMIP) managed care with Molina Healthcare of Washington, Inc. (Molina). Molina provides medical, mental health and substance abuse treatment. Effective October 1, 2006, coverage expands to include long-term care services. WMIP enrollees have a primary care provider (PCP) through Molina. This PCP ensures the person receives the current scope of care by providing healthcare service or referring the person to other healthcare providers. This project is an effort to better coordinate care for SSI and SSI-related clients receiving services from multiple DSHS divisions. The client's enrollment status shows on ACES Managed Care Screen (MANC).


Effective 10/1/2006, clients receiving DDD or HCS Waiver or Medicaid Personal Care (MPC) services may choose services through WMIP. The HCS or DDD Social Worker/case manager notifies financial staff using the DSHS 14-443 for HCS and DSHS 14-84 for DDD.

HCS and DDD staff are responsible for the initial and ongoing assessments of clients choosing WMIP. Molina is responsible for the case management of the client.

The 14-84/14-443 indicates what services the clients are receiving under the WMIP program.


MPC under WMIP with a start date, DDD Waiver under WMIP with start date or Copes under WMIP with start date.

Indicate Molina's name and address on the AREP screen to receive all notices for the Medicaid Assistance Unit (AU).

Attn. WMIP
PO Box 4004
Bothell WA 98041-4004

For clients already receiving services under MPC, COPES or DDD Waiver, send a copy of the latest award letter to Molina when notification is received the client has enrolled into WMIP.

Notification on client's already receiving HCS services may come from the case manager of the local Area Agency on Aging (AAA)

The AREP screen on HCS cases with indicate Molina at the above address. 

The AREP on DDD cases will indicate both the DDD case manager along with Molina to receive copy of the notices. 

Financial staff will receive notification from the social worker/case manager when a client disenrolls from the WMIP program. Financial staff will need to remove Molina's address from the AREP screen.


Modification Date: March 25, 2011