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Revised April 4, 2012


ACES Long Term Care
Adult Medical Lump Sum Payments
Age Requirements Managed Care
Applications Medical Extensions
Assistance Units Medical Re-Determination
Benefit Errors Medically Needy Waiver
Benefit Issuances Medicare Savings Program
Case Records Necessary Supplemental Accommodation (NSA)
Categorical Eligibility Ongoing Additional Requirements
Certification Periods Payees 
Change of Circumstances Pregnancy
Chemical Dependency Prescription Drug Assistance
Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Program Summary
Child Support Quality Assurance
Citizenship / Alien Status Refugee Program
Complaints Residency
Confidentiality Resources
Data Sharing Rights and Responsibilities
Diversion Cash Assistance Scope of Care
Self Employment
Eligibility Reviews and Recertifications Spenddown
Emergency Assistance SSI State Supplement Program
Estate Recovery SSI Related Medical / HWD
Exceptions to Rule SSN (Social Security Number)
Fair Hearings Standards
Family Medical Strikers
Fleeing Felons Student Status
Basic Food Work Requirements TANF /SFA Time Limits
Foster Care/Relative Placement/Adoption Support Teen Parents
Fraud Third Party Liability
Healthy Kids Transfer of Property
Incapacity Transitional Food Assistance (TFA)
Income Trusts, Annuities, and Life Estates
Interview Requirements Verification
Letters Voter Registration
Limited English Proficiency (LEP) WASHCAP
Living with a Relative WorkFirst Sanctions
Modification Date: April 4, 2012