SSI Facilitation - Supporting Home and Community Services (HCS)
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SSI Facilitation - Supporting Home and Community Services (HCS)

Revised April 29, 2013

Purpose: This section contains information about: ABD cash eligibility for clients receiving Home and Community Services (HCS) services. SSI Facilitation services for clients receiving HCS services. Coordination between HCS and the CSO.


Facilitation Services for Clients Receiving HCS Services
  1. When HCS refers an ABD cash client to the CSO for facilitation services, SSI Facilitators in the CSO provide facilitation services, with the exception that Region 4 HCS refers to its own SSI facilitators.
  2. The referral packet from HCS to the CSO should contain:
    1. Copy of the completed HCS CARE Assessment.
    2. Available medical and work history information.
    3. A signed SSA-827, Authorization for Source to Release Information to the Social Security Administration for each identified source of medical evidence and two extras.
    4. A signed DSHS 14-012, Authorization to Release Information.
    5. Copy of any medical documentation.
    6. Information about any need for retroactive Medicaid coverage.
  3. The CSO  begins SSI facilitation.

Coordination between HCS and the CSO

HCS and CSO staff work closely together to coordinate the exchange of the following information:

  1. Change of address.
  2. SDX or BENDEX update.
  3. ACES alerts.
  4. SSI/SSDI approval or denial.
  5. Change in eligibility.
  6. New medical information.
  7. Copy of any new CARE assessment.
  8. Change in client advocate information.
  9. Updated personal observations.

CSD Regional Contacts




Ellen Overby


Scott Christofersen 

Sue Chance


Gayle Gustafson


 HCS Regional Contacts



1 North

Theresa Brauner, Financial Program Manager

2 South

Annie Vasquez, Subject Matter Expert

2 North

Norma Cook, Subject Matter Expert

2 South

Harold Kawakami, Financial Program Manager

2 South

Robert Williams, R2 HCS SSI facilitator

3 North

Dan Lengyel, Financial Program Manager

3 South

Ian Horlor, Subject Matter Expert

HCS Headquarters

Lori Rolley, David Armes, Peggy Rezac


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Modification Date: April 29, 2013