WAC 182-500-0040

Effective July 30, 2011

WAC 182-500-0040 Medical assistance definitions -- G.

"Grandfathered client" means a noninstitutionalized person who meets all current requirements for medicaid eligibility except the criteria for blindness or disability; and:

     (1) Was eligible for medicaid in December 1973 as blind or disabled whether or not the person was receiving cash assistance in December 1973;

     (2) Continues to meet the criteria for blindness or disability and other conditions of eligibility used under the medicaid plan in December 1973; or

     (3) Was an institutionalized person who:

     (a) Was eligible for medicaid in December 1973, or any part of that month, as an inpatient of a medical institution or a resident of a facility that is known as an intermediate care facility that was participating in the medicaid program and for each consecutive month after December 1973; and

     (b) Continues to meet the requirements for medicaid eligibility that were in effect under the state's plan in December 1973 for institutionalized persons and remains institutionalized.

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