WAC 182-503-0010

Effective October 1, 2013

WAC 182-503-0010 Washington apple health -- Who can apply.

(1) You may apply for Washington apple health (WAH) for yourself.

(2) You can apply for WAH for another person if you are:

(a) A legal guardian;

(b) An authorized representative;

(c) A parent or caretaker relative of a child less than nineteen years of age;

(d) A tax filer applying for a tax dependent less than nineteen years of age; or

(e) A spouse.

(3) If you reside in one of the following public institutions, you may turn in an application up to forty-five days before you are released:

(a) Washington state department of corrections;

(b) City or county jails; or

(c) An institution for mental disease (IMD).

(4) You are automatically enrolled in WAH and do not need to turn in an application if you are a:

(a) Supplemental security income (SSI) recipient;

(b) Person deemed to be an SSI recipient under 1619(b) of the SSA;

(c) Newborn as described in WAC 182-505-0210; or

(d) Child in foster care placement as described in WAC 182-505-0211.

(5) You are the primary applicant on an application if you complete and sign the application on behalf of your household.

(6) If you are an SSI recipient, then you or your authorized representative as defined in WAC 182-500-0010 must submit a signed application to apply for long-term care services per WAC 182-513-1315.

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