WAC 182-503-0080

Effective October 1, 2013

WAC 182-503-0080 Washington apple health -- Application denials and withdrawals.

(1) We (the agency or its designee) follow the rules about notices and letters in chapter 182-518 WAC. We follow the rules about timelines in WAC 182-503-0060.

(2) We deny your application for Washington apple health (WAH) coverage when:

(a) You tell us either orally or in writing to withdraw your request for coverage; or

(b) We cannot determine eligibility based on the information we have from you and other sources within the timeframes stated in WAC 182-503-0060, including any extra time given at your request or to accommodate a disability or limited English proficiency..

(3) We send you a written notice explaining why we denied your application (per chapter 182-518 WAC).

(4) We reconsider our decision to deny your WAH coverage without a new application from you when:

(a) We receive the information that we need to decide if you are eligible within thirty days of the date on the denial notice; or

(b) You request a hearing within ninety days of the date on the denial letter and an administrative law judge (ALJ) or HCA review judge decides our denial was wrong (per chapter 182-526 WAC).

(5) If you disagree with our decision, you can ask for a hearing. If we denied your application because we don't have enough information, the ALJ will consider the information we already have and anymore information you give us. The ALJ does not consider the previous absence of information or failure to respond in determining if you are eligible.

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