WAC 182-503-0110

Effective October 1, 2013

WAC 182-503-0110 Washington apple health -- Limited-English proficient (LEP) services.

(1) The agency or its designee provides limited-English proficient (LEP) services free of charge to persons with limited ability to read, write, and/or speak English.

(2) The agency provides LEP services in the person's primary languages.

(a) The primary languages are the languages the person has indicated to the agency or its designee that they wish to use when communicating with the agency. A person may designate at least one primary language for oral communications and at least one primary language for written communications, and may designate a different primary language for oral and written communications.

(b) The agency or its designee notes the person's primary languages in a record available to the agency, its designee, and health benefit exchange employees.

(3) The agency or its designee can provide LEP services through bilingual workers and/or contracted interpreters and translators.

(4) The agency or its designee provides notice of the availability of LEP services. LEP services include:

(a) Interpreter (oral) services in person, over the telephone, or through other simultaneous audio or visual transmission (if available); and

(b) Translation of agency forms, letters, and other text-based materials, whether printed in hard-copy or stored and presented by computer. These include, but are not limited to:

(i) Agency pamphlets, brochures, and other informational material that describe agency services and health care rights and responsibilities;

(ii) Agency applications and other forms a person needs to complete and/or sign; and

(iii) Notices of agency actions affecting a person's eligibility for health care coverage.

(c) Direct provision of services by bilingual employees.

(5) The agency or its designee provides interpreter services and translated documents in a prompt manner that allows the timely processing of a person's eligibility for health care coverage within time frames defined in WAC 182-503-0060, 182-503-0035, and 182-504-0125.

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