WAC 182-504-0015

Effective October 1, 2013

WAC 182-504-0015 Washington apple health -- Certification periods for categorically needy programs.

(1) A certification period is the period of time a person is determined eligible for a categorically needy (CN) Washington apple health (WAH) program. Unless otherwise stated in this section, the certification period begins on the first day of the month of application and continues to the last day of the last month of the certification period.

(2) For a newborn eligible for WAH, the certification period begins on the child's date of birth and continues through the end of the month of the child's first birthday.

(3) For a woman eligible for WAH based on pregnancy, the certification period ends the last day of the month that includes the sixtieth day from the day the pregnancy ends.

(4) For a person eligible for the WAH refugee program, the certification period ends at the end of the eighth month following the client's date of entry to the United States.

(5) For all other WAH-CN coverage, the certification period is twelve months.

(6) For children, eligibility is continuous throughout the certification period regardless of a change in circumstances, unless a required premium (described in WAC 182-505-0225) is not paid for three consecutive months or the child:

(a) Turns age nineteen;

(b) Moves out of state;

(c) Is incarcerated; or

(d) Dies.

(7) When the child turns nineteen, the certification period ends after the redetermination process described in WAC 182-504-0125 is completed, even if the twelve-month period is not over. The certification period may be extended past the end of the month the child turns nineteen when:

(a) The child is receiving inpatient services (described in WAC 182-514-0230) on the last day of the month the child turns nineteen;

(b) The inpatient stay continues into the following month or months; and

(c) The child remains eligible except for turning age nineteen.

(8) A retroactive certification period is described in WAC 182-504-0005.

(9) Coverage under premium-based programs included in apple health for kids as described in chapter 182-505 WAC begins no sooner than the month after creditable coverage ends.

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