WAC 182-504-0130

Effective October 1, 2013

WAC 182-504-0130 Washington apple health -- Continued coverage pending an appeal.

(1) A person who does not agree with a Washington apple health (WAH) decision made by the agency or its designee has the right to appeal under RCW 74.09.741. The hearing rules are found in chapter 182-526 WAC.

(2) If a person appeals a WAH decision on or before the tenth day after the date the person receives the written notice of the WAH decision, WAH coverage will continue or be reinstated until the appeals process ends, unless otherwise specified in this section. This is called continued coverage. The agency will treat the fifth day after the date on the notice as the date the person received the notice; however, if the person shows that he or she received the notice more than five days after the date on the notice, the agency will use the actual date the person received the notice for counting the ten day appeal period for the purpose of providing continued coverage.

(3) If the tenth day falls on a weekend or holiday, a person has until the next business day to appeal and still be able to receive continued coverage.

(4) Persons receive continued coverage through the end of the month an administrative hearing decision is sent to them unless:

(a) An administrative law judge or the agency's presiding officer serves an order ending continued coverage; or

(b) The person:

(i) Tells the agency or its designee in writing that he or she does not want continued coverage;

(ii) Withdraws the appeal in writing or at an administrative proceeding; or

(iii) Does not follow through with the appeals process.

(5) A person is not eligible for continued coverage when a change in WAH is the result of a mass change. A mass change is when rules change that impact coverage for a class of applicants and recipients or due to a legislative or statutory change.

(6) A person receiving WAH medically needy is not eligible for continued coverage beyond the end of the original certification period described in WAC 182-504-0020.

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