WAC 182-511-1200

Effective December 1, 2011

WAC 182-511-1200 Healthcare for workers with disabilities (HWD) -- Employment requirements.

This section describes the employment requirements for the basic coverage group (BCG) and the medical improvement group (MIG) for the healthcare for workers with disabilities (HWD) program.  

  1. For the purpose of the HWD program, employment means a person:
    1. Gets paid for working;
    2. Has earnings that are subject to federal income tax; and
    3. Has payroll taxes taken out of earnings received, unless self-employed.
  2. To qualify for HWD coverage as a member of the BCG, a person must be employed full or part time.
  3. To qualify for HWD coverage as a member of the MIG, a person must be:
    1. Working at least forty hours per month; and
    2. Earning at least the local minimum wage as described under section 6 of the Fair Labor Standards Act (29 U.S.C. 206).


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