WAC 182-512-0010

Effective November 21, 2011

WAC 182-512-0010 Supplemental Security Income (SSI) standards; SSI-related categorically needy income level (CNIL); and countable resource standards.

1.  SSI payment standards, also known as the federal benefit rate (FBR), change each January 1.


2.  See WAC 388-478-0055 for the amount of the state supplemental payments (SSP) for SSI recipients.


3.  See WAC 388-513-1305  for standards of clients living in an alternate living facility.  


4.  The SSI-related CNIL [Categorically Needy Income Level] standards are the same as the SSI payment standards for single persons and couples.  Those paying out shelter costs have a higher standard than people who have supplied shelter.


5.  The countable resource standards for SSI and SSI-related CN medical programs are:

a. One person $2,000.

b. A legally married couple $3,000.

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