WAC 182-512-0250

Effective October 1, 2013

WAC 182-512-0250 SSI-related medical -- Ownership and availability of resources.

(1) The agency considers personal or real property to be available to a Washington apple health (WAH) applicant or recipient, their spouse or other financially responsible person if the applicant or recipient:

(a) Owns the property;

(b) Has the authority to convert the property into cash;

(c) Can expect to convert the property to cash within twenty working days; and

(d) May legally use the property for his/her support.

(2) The agency counts the resources of financially responsible persons (as defined in WAC 182-506-0010) who live in the home even if those persons do not receive WAH coverage.

(3) Cash or resources owned by a WAH applicant or recipient or their spouse but held or directed by another, such as, but not limited to, an authorized representative, guardian, or power of attorney, are considered an available resource to the applicant or recipient.

(4) For long-term care services, cash or resources transferred by a WAH applicant or recipient or their spouse to another person, persons, or entity for purposes of paying for the WAH applicant or recipient's long-term care services, whether on a current or a prepaid basis, is considered an available resource to the applicant or recipient.

(5) A resource is considered available on the first day of the month following the month of receipt unless a rule about a specific type of resource provides for a different time period.

(6) A resource, which ordinarily cannot be converted to cash within twenty working days, is considered unavailable as long as a reasonable effort is being made to convert the resource to cash.

(7) A person may provide evidence showing that a resource is unavailable. A resource is not counted if the person shows sufficient evidence that the resource is unavailable.

(8) We do not count the resources of victims of family violence, as defined in WAC 388-452-0010, when:

(a) The resource is owned jointly with members of the former household;

(b) Availability of the resource depends on an agreement of the joint owner; or

(c) Making the resource available would place the person at risk of harm.

(9) The value of a resource is its fair market value minus encumbrances.

(10) Refer to WAC 182-512-0260 to consider additional resources when an alien has a sponsor.

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