WAC 182-513-1319

Effective January 1, 2014

WAC 182-513-1319 State-funded programs for noncitizen clients

Emergency WAC effective 1-1-2014

  1. This section describes the programs that are available for noncitizen clients who do not meet the citizenship criteria described in WAC 182-503-0530  to be eligible for federally funded Washington apple health (WAH) coverage.
  2. Lawfully residing noncitizen clients who need nursing facility care or care in an alternate living facility may receive long-term care (LTC) coverage if the client meets the eligibility and incapacity criteria of the medical care services (MCS) program described in WAC 182-508-0005.
  3. Clients who receive MCS coverage are not eligible for home and community based (HCB) waiver programs or hospice care.
  4. Noncitizen clients under the age of nineteen who are eligible for the WAH for kids program described in WAC 182-505-0210 are eligible for LTC services if the client is admitted to a medical institution for less than thirty days.  Once the client resides or is likely to reside in a medical institution for thirty days or more, the medicaid agency or its designee determines eligibility under WAC 182-514-0260, subject to being preapproved for coverage by aging and long-term supports administration (ALTSA) as described in WAC 182-507-0125
  5. Noncitizen clients age nineteen or older may be eligible for the state-funded long-term care services WAH program described in WAC 182-507-0125.  These clients must be preapproved by ALTSA as the program has enrollment limits.  When the program is full, a client who needs LTC services is place on a waiting list for services.  Such an individual is not eligible for WAH waiver programs described in chapter 182-515 WAC.


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