WAC 182-514-0250

Effective October 1, 2013

WAC 182-514-0250 Washington apple health -- MAGI-based long-term care program for adults age twenty-one or older.

(1) A person twenty-one years of age or older must meet the requirements in WAC 182-505-0250 to qualify for Washington apple health (WAH) modified adjusted gross income (MAGI)-based long-term coverage under this section.

(2) The categorically needy income level (CNIL) for health care coverage under this section is one hundred thirty-three percent of federal poverty level. A person's countable income (after a standard five percentage point income disregard) must be at or below this amount to be eligible.

(3) Countable income for categorically needy (CN) coverage under this section is determined using the MAGI methodologies described in chapter 182-509 WAC.

(4) If the person's income exceeds the standards to be eligible under the WAH MAGI-based CN long-term care program, he or she is not eligible for medically needy coverage under this section.

(5) A person, age twenty-one through sixty-four years of age who is admitted to an institution for mental diseases (IMD) is not eligible for coverage under this section.

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