WAC 182-514-0255

Effective October 1, 2013

WAC 182-514-0255 Washington apple health -- MAGI-based long-term care program for young adults nineteen and twenty years of age.

(1) Persons nineteen and twenty years of age must meet the requirements in WAC 182-505-0210 to qualify for the Washington apple health (WAH) modified adjusted gross income (MAGI)-based long-term care program.

(2) The categorically needy income level (CNIL) is two hundred ten percent of the federal poverty level. A person's countable income (after a standard five percentage point income disregard) must be at or below this amount to be eligible.

(3) Countable income for categorically needy (CN) coverage under this section is determined using the MAGI methodologies described in chapter 182-509 WAC.

(4) The agency or its designee approves CN health care coverage under this section for twelve calendar months.

(5) If a person's countable income exceeds the standard described in subsection (3) of this section, the agency or its designee determines whether the person is eligible for coverage under the WAH institutional medically needy (MN) program.

(6) If the person is a medicaid applicant or recipient in the month of his or her twenty-first birthday and receives active inpatient psychiatric or inpatient chemical dependency treatment which extends beyond his or her twenty-first birthday, the agency or its designee approves or continues WAH CN or MN health care coverage until the date the person is discharged from the facility or until his or her twenty-second birthday, whichever occurs first.

(7) Young adults eligible under the provisions of this section may be required to contribute a portion of their income towards the cost of care as described in WAC 182-514-0265.

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