WAC 182-515-1505

Effective January 1, 2013

WAC 182-515-1505 Long-term care home and community based services and hospice

  1. This chapter describes the general and financial eligibility requirements for categorically needy (CN) home and community based (HCB) services administered by home and community services (HCS) and hospice services administered by the health care authority (HCA).
  2. The HCB service programs are:

         (a) Community options program entry system  (COPES);

         (b) Program of all-inclusive care for the elderly  (PACE);

         (c) Washington medicaid integration partnership  (WMIP); or

         (d) New Freedom  consumer directed services (New Freedom).
  3. Roads to community living (RCL) services. For RCL services this chapter is used only to determine your cost of care. Medicaid eligibility is guaranteed for three hundred sixty-five days upon discharge from a medical institution.
  4. Hospice  services if you don't reside in a medical institution and:

         (a) Have gross income at or below the special income level  (SIL); and

         (b) Aren't eligible for another CN or medically needy (MN) medicaid program.
  5. WAC 388-515-1506 describes the general eligibility requirements for HCS CN waivers.
  6. WAC 388-515-1507 describes eligibility for waiver services when you are eligible for medicaid using noninstitutional CN rules.
  7. WAC 388-515-1508 describes the initial financial eligibility requirements for waiver services when you are not eligible for noninstitutional CN medicaid described in WAC 388-515-1507     (1).
  8. WAC  388-515-1509 describes the rules used to determine your responsibility in the cost of care for waiver services if you are not eligible for medicaid under a CN program listed in WAC 388-515-1507(1). This is also called client participation or post eligibility.

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