WAC 182-515-1507

Effective January 10, 2013

WAC 182-515-1507 What are the financial requirements for home and community based (HCB) services authorized by home and community services (HCS) when you are eligible for a non-institutional SSI-related categorically needy (CN) medicaid program?

Emergency WAC effective 1/1/2014

  1. You are eligible for medicaid under one of the following programs:
    1. Supplemental security income (SSI) eligibility described in WAC 388-474-0001 and chapter 182-510 WAC.  This includes SSI clients under 1619B status;
    2. SSI-related CN medicaid described in WAC 182-512-0100 (2)(a) and (b);
    3. SSI-related healthcare for workers with disabilities program (HWD) described in WAC 182-511-1000.  If you are receiving HWD you are responsible to pay your HWD premium as described in WAC 182-511-1250.
  2. You do not have a penalty period of ineligibility for the transfer of an asset as described in WAC 182-513-1363 through 182-513-1365. This does not apply to PACE or hospice services.
  3. You do not have a home with equity in excess of the requirements described in WAC 182-513-1350.
  4. You do not have to meet the initial eligibility income test of having gross income at or below the special income level  (SIL).
  5. You do not pay (participate) toward the cost of your personal care services.
  6. If you live in a department contracted facility listed in WAC 182-515-1506 (1)(g), you pay room and board up to the aging and disability services (ADS) room and board standard. The ADS  room and board standard is based on the federal benefit rate (FBR) minus the current personal needs allowance (PNA) for HCS CN waivers in an alternate living facility.
    1. If you live in an assisted living (AL) facility, enhanced adult residential center (EARC), or adult family home (AFH) you keep a PNA of sixty-two dollars and seventy-nine cents and use your income to pay up to the room and board standard.
    2. If  a. of this subsection applies and you are receiving HWD described in WAC 182-511-1000 you are responsible to pay your HWD premium as described in WAC 182-511-1250  in addition to the ADS room and board standard. 
  7. If you are eligible for aged, blind or disabled (ABD) cash assistance program described in WAC 388-400-0060 and receiving SSI related CN medicaid,  you do not participate in the cost of personal care and you may keep the following:
    1. When you live at home, you keep the cash grant amount  authorized under WAC 388-478-0033;
    2. When you live in an AFH, you keep a PNA of thirty-eight dollars and eighty-four cents, and pay any remaining income and ABD cash grant to the facility for the cost of room and board up to the ADS room and board  standard;
    3. When you live in an assisted living facility or enhanced adult residential center, you are only eligible to receive an ABD cash grant of thirty-eight dollars and eighty-four cents as described in  WAC182-515-1500, which you keep for your PNA.
  8. Current resource and income standards are located at: http://www.hca.wa.gov/medicaid/Eligibility/Pages/Index.aspx
  9. Current PNA and ADS room and board standards are located at: http://www.hca.wa.gov/medicaid/Eligibility/Pages/index.aspx

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