WAC 182-517-0310

Effective July 1, 2012

WAC 182-517-0310 Eligibility for federal Medicare savings and state-funded Medicare buy-in programs

  1. Persons eligible for any medicare savings programs (MSP) must: 

    1. Be entitled to or receiving medicare Part A. Qualified disabled working individuals (QDWI) clients must be under age sixty-five;

    2. Meet program income standards, see WAC 388-478-0085; and

    3. Have resources equal to or less than the medicare Part D low-income subsidy resource standard found at:  http://hrsa.dshs.wa.gov/Eligibility/PDF/StandardsChart909.pdf. MSP follow SSI categorically needy program rules for SSI related persons in chapter 388-475 WAC.

  2. MSP clients are entitled to a fair hearing when the department takes an adverse action such as denying or terminating MSP benefits.

  3. The department subtracts the allocations and deductions described under WAC 388-513-1380  from a long-term care client’s countable income and resources when determining MSP eligibility;

    1. Allocations to a spouse and/or dependent family member; and

    2. Client participation in cost of care.

  4. Medicaid eligibility may affect MSP eligibility, as follows:

    1. Qualified medicare beneficiaries (QMB) and specified low income beneficiaries (SLMB) clients can receive medicaid and still be eligible to receive QMB or SLMB benefits.

    2. Qualified individuals (QI-1) and qualified disabled working individuals (QDWI) clients who begin to receive medicaid are no longer eligible for QI-1 or QDWI benefits.

  5. Every year, when the federal poverty level changes;

    1. The department adjusts income standards for MSP and state funded medicare buy-in programs, see WAC 388-478-0085.

    2. The department begins to count the annual Social Security cost-of-living (COLA) increase on April 1st each year when determining eligibility for MSP and state funded medicaid buy-in programs.

  6. There is no income limit for the state-funded medicare buy-in program. The state funded medicare buy-in program is for clients who receive medicaid but do not qualify for the federal MSP.

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