WAC 182-518-0030

Effective October 1, 2013

WAC 182-518-0030 Washington apple health -- Notice requirements -- Electronic notices.

(1) We send you letters (notices) to inform you about your eligibility for Washington apple health (WAH) programs as described in WAC 182-518-0005 through 182-518-0025.

(2) For programs based on modified adjusted gross income (MAGI), you have the right to choose to get WAH eligibility notices by regular mail, in an electronic format, or both.

(3) To receive electronic notices you must:

(a) Have an account with Washington Healthplanfinder. (There is no charge to create an account); and

(b) Provide us with the following information: a valid e-mail address, your name, and your application identification number.

(4) You may ask to receive WAH notices electronically by:

(a) Mailing, delivering, or giving us a written letter to address listed on our website;

(b) Sending a facsimile letter to us as directed on our website;

(c) Call the WAH customer service center at the number listed on our website;

(d) Logging on to your Healthplanfinder account online and selecting the "I would prefer to receive written communications by e-mail" check box on the contact information page; or

(e) Calling the Healthplanfinder customer support center.

(5) When you have asked for electronic notification, we:

(a) Send the notice to your Healthplanfinder account no later than one business day after creating the notice.

(b) Send you an e-mail message to notify you when a new WAH notice has been sent electronically to your Healthplanfinder account.

(i) The e-mail message will not include the notice, information about the content of the notice, or other confidential information; and

(ii) You must log on to your Healthplanfinder account to get the notice.

(6) We will stop sending WAH notices electronically to you if you ask us. You must notify us if your e-mail address changes.

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