WAC 182-526-0015

Effective February 1, 2013

WAC 182-526-0015 Terms in the Administrative Procedure Act compared to this chapter.

To improve clarity and understanding, the rules in this chapter may use different words than the Administrative Procedures Act (APA) or the model rules.  Following is a list of terms used in those laws and the terms as used in these rules:


Chapter 34.05 RCW

Chapter 10-08 WAC

Chapter 182-526 WAC

Adjudicative proceeding

Different terms are used to refer to different stages of the hearing process and may include prehearing meeting, prehearing conference, hearing, review, reconsideration, and the entire hearing process

Application for adjudicative proceeding.

 Request a hearing

 Presiding officer.

 Administrative law judge, review judge or designated HCA employee.

 Reviewing officer.

 Review judge

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