WAC 182-526-0040

Effective February 1, 2013

WAC 182-526-0040 Sending documents to another party, the office of administrative hearings, or to the board of appeals.

1.  When the rules in this chapter or in other program rule or statute require a party to send copies of documents to other parties, the party must serve copies of the documents to the health care authority (HCA) hearing representative and to all other parties or their representatives.

2.  When sending documents to the office of administrative hearings (OAH) or the board of appeals (BOA), the party must file the documents at one of the locations listed in WAC 182-526-0025 (2) for OAH or in WAC 182-526-0030 for BOA.

3.  When sending documents to the assigned OAH field office, the parties should use the address of the assigned OAH listed on the notice of hearing.  If a field office has not been assigned, all written communication about the hearing must be sent to the OAH Olympia field office, which sends the communication to the correct office.

4.  Documents may be sent only as identified in WAC 182-526-0045 to accomplish service and only as identified in WAC 182-526-0070 to accomplish filing. 

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