WAC 182-526-0045

Effective February 1, 2013

WAC 182-526-0045 Serving documents.

1) When a document is delivered to the party, the party is considered served with official notice of the contents of the document.

2) Unless otherwise stated in law, a party may serve someone by:

1. Personal service (hand delivery);

2. First class, registered, or certified mail;

3. Fax if the party mails a copy of the document the same day;

4. Commercial delivery services; or

5. Legal messenger service.

3) A party must serve all other parties and their representatives whenever a party files a pleading, brief or other document with the office of administrative hearings or the board of appeals, or when required by law.

4) Service is complete when:

1. Personal service is made;

2. Mail is properly stamped, addressed, and deposited in the United States mail;

3. Fax produces proof of transmission;

4. A parcel is delivered to a commercial delivery service with charges prepaid; or

5. A parcel is delivered to a legal messenger service with charges prepaid.

5. A party may prove service by providing any of the following:

1. A sworn statement;

2. The certified mail receipt signed by the recipient;

3. An affidavit or certificate of mailing;

4. A signed receipt from the person who accepted the commercial delivery service or legal messenger service package; or

5. Proof of fax transmission.

6. Sending a document by e-mail is not a valid method of providing service of the document.


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