WAC 182-526-0080

Effective February 1, 2013

WAC 182-526-0080 Resolving a dispute with the health care authority.

  1. There is a limited time to request a hearing. The party must request a hearing within the deadline established in statute or rule to preserve the hearing right.

  2. If the party who requested the hearing disagrees with a decision or action of the health care authority, or one of its authorized agents, the party has several options for resolving the dispute, which may include the following:

    1. Any special prehearing alternative or administrative process offered by the program;
    2. Prehearing meeting;
    3. Prehearing conference; and
    4. Hearing.

  3. Because you have a limited time to request a hearing, you must request a hearing within the deadline on the notice of the agency action to preserve your hearing right.

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