WAC 182-526-0110

Effective February 1, 2013

WAC 182-526-0110 Process after a hearing is requested.

1. After a hearing is requested, the office of administrative hearings (OAH) must send a copy of the hearing request to the health care authority (HCA) or HCA's authorized agent wo made the decision on HCA's behalf, unless OAH received the hearing request from HCA or HCA's authorized agent. The OAH should send it to HCA or HCA's authorized agent within four business days of the OAH receiving the request.


2. OAH must serve all the parties a notice containing the hearing date, time, and place. This document is called the notice of hearing. The parties may also receive a written notice of a prehearing conference either before or after receiving the notice of the hearing. 


3. Before the hearing is held:

a. The HCA hearing representative may contact the other parties and try to resolve the dispute; and

b. The party who requested the hearing is encouraged to contact teh HCA hearing representative and try to resolve the dispute.

4. If the party who requested the hearing does not appear for the prehearing conference or the hearing, an administrative law judge may enter an order of default and an order dismissing the hearing according to WAC 182-526-0285.


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