WAC 182-526-0340

Effective February 1, 2013

WAC 182-526-0340 Hearing location.

1.  Hearings may be held in-person or as a telephone hearing.


2.  A telephone hearing is where all parties appear by telephone.


3.  An in-person hearing is where the party that had requested the hearing appears face-to-face with the administrative law judge (ALJ) and the other parties appear either in person or by telephone.


4.  Whether a hearing is held in person or telephonically, the parties have the right to see all documents, hear all testimony and question all witnesses.


5.  If a hearing is originally scheduled as an in-person hearing, the party that requested the hearing may ask that the ALJ change it to a telephone hearing. Once a telephone hearing begins, the ALJ may stop, reschedule, and change the hearing to an in-person hearing if any party makes such a request.


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