WAC 182-526-0500

Effective February 1, 2013

WAC 182-526-0500 Hearing record.

(1) Before the record is closed, the administrative law judge may:

(a) Set another hearing date;

(b) Enter orders to address limited issues if needed before writing and sending a hearing decision to resolve all issues in the proceeding; or

(c) Give the parties more time to file exhibits or written argument.

(2) The record is closed:

(a) At the end of the hearing if the administrative law judge does not allow more time to file evidence or argument; or

(b) After the deadline for filing evidence or argument is over.

(3) After the record is closed:

(a) No more evidence may be admitted without good cause;

(b) The administrative law judge (ALJ) must enter an initial order and serve copies to the parties; and

(c) The office of administrative hearings must send the official record of the proceedings to the board of appeals. The record must be complete when it is sent, and include all parts required by WAC 182-526-0512.

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