WAC 388-526-0555

Effective October 27, 2011

WAC 388-526-0555 What happens when a party requests a corrected administrative law judge decision? (Emergency rule effective 6/10/12.)

1.  When a party requests a corrected initial or final order, the administrative law judge (ALJ) must either:

a.  Send all parties a corrected order; or

b.  Deny the request within three business days of receiving it.


2.  If the ALJ corrects an initial order and a party does not request review, the corrected initial order becomes final twenty-one calendar days after the original initial order was mailed.


3.  If the ALJ denies a request for a corrected initial order and the party still wants the hearing decision changed, the party must request review by a review judge.


4.  Requesting an ALJ to correct the initial order does not automatically extend the deadline to request review of the initial order by a review judge. When a party needs more time to request review of an initial order, the party must ask for more time to request review as permitted by WAC 388-526-0580(2).


5.  If the ALJ denies a request for a corrected final order and you still want the hearing decision changed, you must request judicial review.


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