WAC 388-271-0010

Effective January 18, 2003

WAC 388-271-0010 What are limited English proficient (LEP) services?

  1. The department provides limited English proficient (LEP) services to you if you are limited in your ability to read, write and/or speak English. These services provide a way for us to communicate with you even though you are limited in your ability to communicate in English. LEP services are provided in your primary language by authorized bilingual workers or by contracted interpreters and translators. Your primary language is the language you have indicated on your application or your eligibility review as the language you wish to communicate in with the department.

  2. LEP services include:

    1. Interpreter (verbal) services in person and/or over the telephone;  and

    2. Translation of department forms, letters and other printed materials 

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