WAC 388-271-0020

Effective January 18, 2003

WAC 388-271-0020 What are the department's responsibilities in providing me with an interpreter?

  1. If you have trouble speaking and/or understanding English, and a bilingual worker is not available to assist you, we get a qualified interpreter in your primary language to help you communicate verbally with us. A qualified interpreter is someone who is fluent in English and your primary language and is trained on the Interpreter Code of Professional Conduct.

  2. Interpreter services are provided in-person or over the telephone.

  3. We pay for the interpreter. You do not have to pay anything.

  4. If a worker from our department feels that they are not able to communicate with you well enough to provide adequate services, they may request the services of an interpreter even if you did not ask for help.

  5. We will provide interpreter services to you in a timely manner so that we can process your case within the processing timeframes defined in chapter 388-406, 388-418, and 388-434 WAC.


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