WAC 388-273-0035

Effective August 19, 2005

WAC 388-273-0035 What We Reimburse the Local Telephone Company.

(1)  Within available funding limits, we reimburse local telephone companies for fully documented administrative and program expenses associated with WTAP.  The reimbursable expenses are limited to:

a.   Program services provided to eligible households June 1, 2003 and beyond, and after eligibility for WTAP is verified;

i.    Monthly flat rate service.

We reimburse the local telephone company an amount equal to the monthly flat rate of the incumbent local exchange carrier providing service in the customer's exchange area, minus the WTAP assistance rate set by the commission, and minus the amount of federal lifeline program reimbursement available to an eligible telecommunications carrier.  An "incumbent local exchange carrier" is a telephone company in theU.S. that was providing local service when the Telecommunications Act of 1996 was enacted, and is required to file tariffs with the commission.  For all exchange areas, the WTAP reimbursement shall be limited to not more than nineteen dollars for each eligible household.

ii.    Connection fee.

We reimburse the local telephone company an amount equal to one-half the connection fee rate or twenty-two dollars, whichever is less, for your first connection at a given address.  If you move, we will reimburse the local telephone company for your first connection at the new address.

iii.   Waiver of local deposit.

We reimburse the local telephone company an amount up to two times the WTAP assistance rate.

b.   Correct, verifiable billing items;

c.   One monthly invoice and supporting documentation submitted and received by WTAP by the fifteenth day following the month the expense occurred;

d.  Items charged in error that have been corrected within thirty days from the date we return the report of invoicing error to the local phone company;

e.   Salaries and benefits for time required to implement and maintain WTAP, with the exception that time required for the correction of billing, case number and client identification errors is not an allowable expense;

f.    Travel expenses for attending hearings, meetings, or training pertaining to WTAP;

g.   Expenses for supplies and materials for implementing and maintaining WTAP;

h.   Postage and handling for delivery of WTAP material;

i.    Administrative charge for change of service orders specified by tariffs; and

j.    Preapproved documented indirect costs associated with implementing and maintaining WTAP.

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