WAC 388-400-0065

Effective January 1, 2014

WAC 388-400-0065 Housing and Essential Needs (HEN)

(1) For the purposes of this chapter:

(a) "Commerce" means the Washington state department of commerce.

(b) "Department" means the department of social and health ser-vices (DSHS).

(c) "Housing support" means assistance provided to maintain ex-isting housing or to obtain housing or utilities.

(d) "Essential needs items" means personal health and hygiene items, cleaning supplies, transportation passes, and other personal needs items.

(2) What is housing and essential needs (HEN)? Within available funds, HEN provides housing support and essen-tial needs items to eligible individuals.

(3) Who administers HEN? HEN is administered by commerce through its network of local contracted HEN providers.

(4) Who determines eligibility for HEN?

(a) The department determines eligibility for referral to the HEN program and sends you a notice to say whether you are eligible for referral.

(b) After the department determines you eligible for a HEN referral, the local HEN provider decides whether you can receive HEN and what benefits you can receive based on guidelines established by commerce.

(c) Within their funding, the local HEN provider can continue your benefits as long as you remain eligible for referral to the HEN program.

(5) If your notice from the department says you are eligible for HEN referral, you must contact your local HEN provider to apply for housing supports and essential needs items. Referral to the HEN program does not guarantee that you will receive HEN.

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