WAC 388-406-0055

Effective January 1, 2014

WAC 388-406-0055 When do my benefits start?

The date we approve your application affects the amount of benefits you get.  If you are eligible for:

  1. Cash assistance, your benefits start: 
    1. The date we have enough information to make an eligibility decision; or
    2. No later than the thirtieth day for TANF, SFA, PWA, or RCA; or
    3. No later than the forty-fifth day for Aged, Blind, or Disabled (ABD) cash assistance unless:
      1. You are confined in a Washington State public institution as defined in WAC 388-406-0005  (6)(a) on the forty-fifth day, in which case your benefits will start on the date you are released from confinement; or
      2. You are approved for ABD cash assistance at the time of your Housing and Essential Needs (HEN) referral incapacity review as described in WAC 388-447-0110, in which case your benefits will start on the date you provided sufficient medical evidence to establish disability as defined in WAC  388-449-0001.
  2. Basic Food, your benefits start from the date you applied unless:

a.       You are recertified for Basic Food.  If you are recertified for Basic Food, we determine the date your benefits start under WAC 388-434-0010;

b.      You applied for Basic Food while living in an institution.  If you apply for Basic Food while living in an institution, the date you are released from the institution determines your start date as follows.  If you are expected to leave the institution:

                                                  i.      Within thirty days of the date we receive your application, your benefits start on the date you leave the institution; or

                                                ii.      More than thirty days from the date we receive your application, we deny your application for Basic Food.  You may apply for Basic Food again when your date of release from the institution is closer.

c.       We were unable to process your application within thirty days because of a delay on your part.  If you caused the delay, but submit required verification by the end of the second thirty-day period, we approve your benefits starting the date you provide the required verification.  We start your benefits from this date even if we denied your application for Basic Food.

d.      We initially denied your application for Basic Food and your assistance unit (AU) becomes categorically eligible (CE) within sixty days from the date you applied.  If your AU becoming CE under WAC 388-414-0001 makes you eligible for Basic Food, the date we approve Basic Food is the date your AU became CE.

e.       You are approved for Transitional Food Assistance under chapter 388-489-WAC. We determine the date transitional benefits start as described under WAC 388-489-0015.

f.       You receive Transitional Food Assistance with people you used to live with, and are now approved to receive Basic Food in a different assistance unit: 

                                                  i.      We must give the other assistance unit ten days notice as described under WAC 388-458-0025 before we remove you from the Transitional Food Assistance benefits.

                                                ii.      Your Basic Food benefits start the first of the month after we remove you from the transitional benefits. For example, if we remove you from transitional benefits on November 30th, you are eligible for Basic Food on December 1st.



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