WAC 388-408-0005

Effective November 1, 2011

WAC 388-408-0005 What is a cash assistance unit?

  1. For all sections of this chapter:
    1. "We" means the Department of Social and Health Services.
    2. "You" means a person that is applying for or getting benefits from the department.
    3. "Assistance Unit" or "AU" is the group of people who live together and whose income or resources we count to decide your eligibility for benefits and the amount of benefits you get.
  2. For ABD cash, we decide who is in the AU under WAC 388-408-0060.
  3. For TANF, PWA, or SFA, we decide who is in the AU by taking the following steps:
    1. We start with who must be in the AU under WAC 388-408-0015;
    2. We add those you choose to have in the AU under WAC 388-408-0025; and
    3. We remove those who are not allowed in the AU under WAC 388-408-0020.

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