WAC 388-408-0015

Effective March 1, 2001

WAC 388-408-0015 Who must be in my assistance unit?

If you live with any of the following people, we must include them in your TANF, SFA, or combination TANF/SFA AU:   

  1. The child you are applying for and:
    1. The child's full, half or adoptive sibling(s);

    2. The child's natural or adoptive parent(s) or stepparent(s); and

    3. If you are a pregnant minor or a minor who is a parent and you live with your parent(s), we include your parent(s) if they:

      1. Need assistance; and

      2. Provide the primary care for you, your child, or your siblings.  We count full, half, or adoptive siblings as your sibling.

  2. If you are pregnant and you do not have a dependent child living with you, we include only you in the AU.

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